So this morning I was going to help my wife power wash her horse barn. She’d emptied the 3 stalls, and I showed her how to use the backpack blower to blow out the dust/hay first. So far so good. I brought the power washer over, started it up, put a spray tip in the wand (securely I thought) and hit the trigger and PHOOOM – the spray tip flew out into the grass!  Hmm… go get the tip, put it back in, make sure it’s in properly this time, then pull the trigger… sh—- whaa— water spraying everywhere, f-#, da–… turn it off.  Check spray tip, looks good, try again, same (soaking) deal. $#!+ After a few attempts to fix, I figure I broke the spray wand coupling somehow, and go back the house – somewhat unhappy!

I finished the mowing I had started earlier, showered, ate, had a swim, ate dinner, and the power washer was still on my mind.  I decided to look at the wand again to see if I could figure it out. I thought maybe a rubber seal ring had somehow become dislodged or something. I decided to look carefully at the area where the spray tip landed in the grass and voila, I found a rubber o-ring! Took me half an hour to figure out how to install it (goes completely inside the wand coupling) but I knew I had it. Put the tip back on (SECURELY!), fired it up —– YAAAAAAAAAY!!!!!!

Another maintenance mystery solved. I was so pleased I didn’t have to buy parts or deal with warranty or get someone to fix it that I power washed her horse’s stall.  Just another of life’s ups and downs on the farm.