Casio camera samples and review

Last updated: December 12, 2004

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Pictures taken with our new Casio QV-3000EX digital camera.  Each was taken at 'full resolution', which is 2048x1536 pixels and transferred to a computer, and then scaled down (most by 4:1) so they're not gigantic on the web site.  The original images print beautifully at 8.5"x10".


tulip-closeup.jpg (77316 bytes)  
05060023-2.jpg (112253 bytes)
Stream Tulip Clematis
cool house irisx2.jpg (127609 bytes)   BellSouth Classic (4th hole)
NOT our house :-( Iris BellSouth Classic
azalea stones  
key close-up
Azalea Stones
Car key (macro)
sweet dog    
Sweet dog

About the camera...

> So how are you liking the camera?

I'm very happy overall, having purchased this sight unseen! (Steve's Digicam review site was invaluable though.)

Let's talk about things I've been a bit disappointed about (that's usually what people want to know):

1) The quality of the 30 second movie (AVI) files isn't that great, and there's no sound.

2) Time from being turned off to 'record' mode seems to vary from 5-10 seconds I'd guess, while the lens extends, the LCD comes on, etc. If you want to take a quick snap, you might miss it turning the camera to record.

3) On a related note, the time after taking a picture before I can take another one varies I'd guess from 2-5 seconds. This seems like a long time for me since I've only been used to a regular 35mm camera until now. Although the camera can be put into a mode where it can take up to 3 full size images .5 seconds apart.  Note: This seems to depend on battery health and how full the microdrive is.  With charged batteries and a fairly empty microdrive, there's very little delay between shots.  The camera also provides a rapid shot mode too where up to three images can be taken quickly without waiting (they're stored in memory and not stored until the last shot is taken).

4) The auto focus doesn't seem quite as good as the Canon 35mm camera I had.  Most images come out just slightly 'soft' although I think you'll agree the pictures above are terrific.  I've also noticed it's important to keep the camera very still when taking the shot to get crisper pictures.  It just takes a bit of practice.

5) The lens sticks out about an inch in record mode no matter what level of zoom (it kind of goes in and out a bit - probably with some internal optics moving as well).  The lens goes back inside the camera when off or in playback mode.

6) When you turn the camera off from record mode, the lens retracts right away (good), but by default the camera continues doing 'work' for a while (it depends on how many pictures you've taken) - it's making HTML files and thumbnails and writing them to disk.  You can turn this processing off though, so it's not an issue.

7) The optical viewfinder is useless at close (macro) range (it doesn't see what the CCD is seeing). You need to use the LCD to know what you're shooting up front. Reviews have also pointed out that the optical view finder only shows 90% of what the CCD and lens will see, but this isn't a problem.  As I use the camera more, I'm finding I don't use the optical viewfinder much.  Once I've taken the picture I turn off the LCD display to save battery life.

On to positive points:

1) I'm amazed so far at the image quality, and I expect to do even better as I get to know the camera.

2) Flash is INCREDIBLE. Take pictures in complete darkness.

3) Don't know what it's doing, but the camera's proprietary 'night mode' is remarkable - take pictures of darker street scenes where flash won't help, and they come out GREAT.

4) 340MB IBM microdrive is just great. It holds 245 high res highest quality images. What's not to like?

5) Battery life has been better than people warned me it would be. I have rechargables/charger and the A/C adapter now, so I don't worry about running out of battery life now (I keep a spare set of charged batteries with me just in case, although I haven't been able to use more than one set in a day yet).  I took 75 pictures and an AVI movie on Duracell Ultra alkalines before I got the rechargables which I think is good.

6) User interface and ergonomics are great.  The LCD is a bit small for the slick menuing system though.

7) I'm pleased the camera can do fast shutter speeds, manual exposure adjustment, shutter and aperture priority modes, etc.  They give a lot of flexibility in capturing action, detail, depth of field, etc.

8) The print quality I got back after sending some files through Wolf Camera's 'printstation' software was TERRIFIC!  I got 4x6 and 8x10's.  They were AT LEAST as good as anything I ever got back from my 35mm camera.  Buying one of the new HP or Epson printers would be nice, but this would be a lot more expensive (including paper and ink).

That's it for now...

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