Sony receiver in protector mode FIXED!

My goodness the internet is great. I was about to throw out a Sony surround sound receiver I’ve had for years because it would flash “PROTECTOR” on the display after being on for a few seconds, and I’d tried everything I could think of (cleaning, making sure no bits of wire in speaker posts, leaving off for hours or days, etc.).

I’d looked around the internet for solutions and most described things I’d already done, plus the usual “they all do that, throw it out” unhelpful comments.

Then finally, I found solution #2 at’s page on this and figured I’d give it a try.

It basically said open it up, clean out the dust, and then disconnect and reconnect every connector you can get your hands on. I’d already vacuumed out the inside (which wasn’t really dusty anyway), but proceeded to disconnect and reconnect every connector in there, and there’s a BUNCH. Some are electronic type connectors with tiny wires, and others are definitely power type connectors.

Anyway, did all that, fired it up, AND IT WORKS! I’m now testing with loud playback connecting my blackberry storm to an input (what an amazing phone that is!).

Anyway, sounds awesome. State of Trance 2008, Mosaik’s music… ahhhh….

2 thoughts on “Sony receiver in protector mode FIXED!”

  1. I had the same “protect” problem with a Sony STR-AV1070 I was ready to take a hammer to. Tried the disconnect/reconnect of all internal connectors. Wonder of Wonders, it worked. I can turn the volume up now .
    Thanks for the tip.

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