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Quickbooks Pro 2016

Finally, this product is getting to a place I can recommend it.

Lady Gaga born this way whole album for 99 cents at Amazon.com!

[amazonify]B0051QIGP4:right[/amazonify]Now this is an awesome deal, but it won’t last!

Need pest control, termite, or lawn service in Ocala or Central Florida?

I’ve used Champion Pest Management for 6 years and they’re great! Friendly, professional, very competitive prices… highly recommended!

When you need the best criminal defense in Ocala Florida, contact Proctor and Fletcher

Their contact information is on their web site at proctorandfletcher.com. They are former prosecutors with over 30 years of case and trial experience!

Please become a fan of reora on Facebook!

Hi.  Shameless plug and request… please become a fan of my business page on Facebook so I can get at least 25 fans and get a custom web address for it.  Link.  Thank you!!! By the way…I’ve thought about you… Continue Reading →

Quickbooks Pro server and Windows 7

The firewall in Windows 7 appears to be much more sophisticated than the one in Vista or XP. To configure it properly on a computer you wish to be a Quickbooks Pro database server, the simplest way is to use… Continue Reading →

web site development, and what people think they know…

To quote Donald Rumsfeld, there’s known knowns, known unknowns, and unknown unknowns. In the case of web development as with many things, some people who use web sites, think they know how easy/hard it is to build them. (Hint: they… Continue Reading →

Guantanamo, Iran, and torture

There’s been an enormous amount of discussion, arguments, and chatter about ‘torture’.  What it is, what is isn’t, and who is doing it. Guantanamo, the U.S. military detention camp, has been loudly criticized for ‘water-boarding’ (simulated drowning) of 3 terrorists. … Continue Reading →

T. Boone Pickens and pickensplan.com

T. Boone Pickens has made a fortune in oil.  But he’s an American first and at 80, he’s still passionate and dedicated to helping the U.S. reduce its dependence on foreign oil.  The U.S. gets 70% of its oil from… Continue Reading →

U.S. department of energy – your tax dollars at work

With all this talk of oil and energy, I decided to look at the Department of Energy web site to see what it claims to be doing. Loads of good sounding info, but I decided to go to the budget,… Continue Reading →

U.S. gas prices – thank you environmentalists

Sooner or later I guess this topic was going to get mentioned here. U.S. gas prices have doubled and more in the past couple of years.  It must be hurting millions of people directly (getting to and from work or… Continue Reading →

Amazing Logitech MX revolution mouse

[amazonify]B000HCT12O:right:product[/amazonify]An old Logitech mouse I had broke recently so I began looking for a new mouse. Since I spend a LOT of time at this computer, I need something that’s comfortable, and very functional. I’ve come to rely on middle… Continue Reading →

New Canon XSi (450D) – great camera!

[amazonify]B0012YA85A:right[/amazonify] Canon’s ‘digital rebel’ line is about to evolve once more with the new Canon XSi (or 450D as it is known in some parts of the world). Just as the XTi leapfrogged in some ways the semi-pro 20D/30D with… Continue Reading →

starlite pool enclosure lighting

We have a pool and I’ve put some landscaping lights around the outside of the screened enclosure, but some more ‘ambient’ light would be nice. Came across a very interesting product recently called Starlite 7 from Starlite Lighting Systems. It… Continue Reading →

Canon 40D reviews

[amazonify]B000V5P90K:right:product:thehigginswebsit[/amazonify]I’ve had my Canon 40D digital SLR camera now for a few months and really like it. Some photographers are very much into the computer editing of photo, but I’d rather get usable or near usable images right out of… Continue Reading →

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