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  1. The Bill Moyer Show on P.B.S. did a show about the 29 riches countries in the world and found that our country ranks 29th in health care. My experience with health care is finding me very frustrated in two incedence following major auto accidents, getting just a medical exam for injuries was a chore because the doctors thought I didn’t look hurt. In the first accident I had a triple crack to my sternum and the second I was deemed disabled by SSI three years later, I suffered an anuersym in the left temple area of my head.

    Socialism is a word used like a swear by you and your GOP buddies, people must pay to stay alive because their health and physical condition are a commodity on the market. The majority of the rich countries in the world have non profit health insurance and people are serviced with some the best care in the world. Unfortunately the brains we have in the U.S. have driven us into a deep hole of financial depression and the supporter of those people are now pointing fingers at the new administration. Your opinions are looking to send us into deeper financial problems and you still think the you are patriotic members of our society.

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