Browser differences can drive a web developer mad

As a web developer, one important task is testing web pages with multiple different browsers and even different versions of the same browser.  This could drive a person insane, but I’d like to share a couple of discoveries. Trying to be a good developer I’m using ‘div’s more than tables these days, using CSS extensively, … Read more

Stop Vista rebooting automatically!

Ever sit down to your computer which had some stuff running only to find you’re at the login screen (and not just the screensaver password prompt screen)?  Did you lose some work?  I have! No easy option to change this, but it IS changeable. Great blog post here about it: Thank you!

Well it’s election day

I voted.  And I’ve deliberately kept the TV off any channel likely to be analyzing the election or announing results.  It’s not been easy (I watched other, pre-recorded stuff, or did some work).  I will catch the result in the morning! My predictions: Presidency: Obama by 100 electoral votes. Senate: Dems gain 6 House: Dems … Read more