About what? Oh, this web site! Yes, well, it’s a web site! A personal one, maintained by me, Paul Higginbottom. Well it’s actually based on WordPress, a wonderful blogging and content management tool.

I live in Florida and my interests/hobbies are varied including technology, cars, politics/philosophy/books/etc., photography, and yoga. That lot keeps me out of trouble. 🙂

My business is reora, inc. – and we do websites, IT and photography.

Thanks for visiting!

8 thoughts on “About”

  1. have a cousin named Paul whose Mom was named Jane. Family from Indiana by way of Arkansas. Can’t tell if that is you in picture. Just wondering.

  2. Hi Paul, I drove by a big building the other day that said Global Payments and thought of you. I guess you aren’t there any more. Have you retired from the IT rat race? I’m glad to hear you are in Florida. We moved toward Dunwoody about 1 1/2 hears ago, so we are in the Atlanta craziness. The kids are all getting big. They are 9, 7 and almost 6. Life is good. Hope you can say the same.
    Amy Granelli from long ago ISS days.

  3. Hey Paul, got into a Commodore conversation the other night and your name came up.
    Hope all is well in FL.

  4. Hi Paul,

    I am sure I worked with you many many year ago at Commodore in Slough, Berkshire,UK – Good to see you doing well in the US. Very best wishes.

  5. I hope still remember us! We have so much to tell from life back home in Brazil!
    Please, get back to us so we can try to get together in february as we will be in Florida.
    I hope you are doing well, miss you guys.

  6. Hey there Paul,
    are you the Holy Trinity Crawley Paul……
    Buckswood Drive I think ?
    It’s been a long long time if you are 🙂

  7. Hi Paul, I believe you are the guy that wrote the awesome articles about SID on The Transactor magazine back in 1984, right!? 🙂

    I’m reading a lot of books and articles about SID and when I read yours, it clicked in a way like I had an epiphany. I was very pleased the way you explained it. I know it is 30 years late, but congratulations!

    I’d like to reproduce it in my blog, keeping the author and publication reference because I believe would help a lot the people learning about the C64 today, like me. But I don’t know if such old thing needs special authorization. Would be you to ask permission about it?

    If you can spare few minutes to send me a message I’ll be glad! If you look at the blog, it is really for fun and I’m trying to write it as if I was in 1985 (or around it).

    Thanks for your time!

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