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Ok, finally put a responsive (mobile-friendly) theme on here and time to reboot the ol’ blog.

Fletcher and Proctor, criminal defense attorneys, recommended

Putting in a good word for this criminal defense attorney firm here in Ocala Florida. Two former prosecutors, with lots of experience, helping people in legal trouble. Because they’re former prosecutors, they know how the other side works, and can… Continue Reading →

iPad Safari bug clear needed after floated list

So I’ve been working on a website for a client and in addition to testing on Internet Explorer and Firefox, I also test it on an iPad. The client’s website is implemented with WordPress and I decided to do a… Continue Reading →

Great stuff! The Top Five Environmental Disasters that Didn’t Happen

From Reason.tv

From Canon 40D to Canon 7D – WOW!

[amazonify]B002NEGTU6:right[/amazonify][amazonify]B002NEGTTW:right[/amazonify] I have had a Canon 40D for a while and it’s a GREAT camera. Before that I had a 20D which was a big step up for Canon, but the tiny LCD and more limited auto focus made the… Continue Reading →

like reora on facebook please!

I would appreciate a like for my company reora, inc. on facebook!!!! Thank you!! Click below.

Stranded Starfish

[amazonify]0142001104:right[/amazonify] Loved this. Thanks Joe and his Stranded Starfish blog, and thanks to the authors of the book “The Art Of Possibility” As the old man walked down a Spanish beach at dawn, he saw ahead of him what he… Continue Reading →

Recent web sites…

Working on web sites is a great challenge. Recent projects include: hangitwright.com – a building contractor in Wildwood, Florida, specializing in drywall, acoustical insulation, and framing for commercial and residential construction. frankjdeluca.com – a site for Frank J. DeLuca, owner… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates on two big problems, malaria, and the need for more great teachers

This is an excellent, relevant, and at times humorous speech, by Bill Gates on two MAJOR problems facing the world and the U.S. and what he’s trying to do about them.

Election results

So my predictions weren’t too bad. Presidency: Obama by 188 electoral votes! (vs. 100) Senate: Dems gain 5 or 6? (vs. 6) House: Dems gain 18-25 (vs. 25) Now let’s hope Obama truly leads and doesn’t cave to Reid and… Continue Reading →

The debates, something like this?

Hillary Clinton campaign fails

Despite all the great minds involved in the campaign such as James Carville, Terry McAuliffe, Harold Ickes, and both Clintons (see the rest here), their Achilles heel did them in. And what was that? Arrogance! Their original plan appears to… Continue Reading →

A complaint free world?

[amazonify]0385524587:right:product:thehigginswebsit[/amazonify] Complain? You want to complain? It’s tax return time and the forms are SO annoying! The grass has started growing fast and that means I’m going to have to spend a lot more time cutting it than I want… Continue Reading →

Arthur C. Clarke, sooner or later it was bound to happen

[amazonify]0451457994:right:product:thehigginswebsit[/amazonify][amazonify]0553287893:right:product:thehigginswebsit[/amazonify]Arthur C. Clarke, writer, visionary, and scientist, born 16 December 1917, passed away on Tuesday 18 March, 2008, at the age of 90. To quote the opening line from one of my favorite books by Clarke – Rendezvous with Rama… Continue Reading →

Starting over

After building a personal web site years ago and tweaking a bit here and there and adding a pretty weak blog and gallery tool I decided to jump to something a bit more robust. This is WordPress. Millions already blog… Continue Reading →

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