Bjorn Lomborg’s important new book “Cool It”

[amazonify]030738652X:right:product[/amazonify]I recently saw Bjorn Lomborg interviewed about ‘global warming’ and his views on what we should do seemed about the most practical and effective imaginable.  Instead of the shrill, slick, non-scientific, and dishonest ‘marketing’ by people like Al Gore, Lomborg looks at the effectiveness of solutions proposed by others.  For example, he says if all the goals of the Kyoto treaty were met (no chance, but ok), the world would still only delay the predicted effects of ‘global warming’ by a year or so!  So Al Gore and cohorts want to cripple the global economy to delay global warming by a year?  Ok Bjorn, now you’ve got my attention.

He goes on to say that efforts to save arctic ice will likely save 1 polar bear a year, a popular cause among environmentalists.  He said humans SHOOT 400 polar bears a year, so maybe stopping that would be more effective!

His new book “[amazonify]030738652X::text::::Cool It: The Skeptical Environmentalist’s Guide to Global Warming[/amazonify]” will be available in August, and I’ve pre-ordered it.  Finally a cool head on a hot subject!

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