President Obama – off to a bad start. Change you can’t believe in?

Well he’s off to a really bad start.  Here’s just a few ‘highlights’:

  • He’s fighting to restructure healthcare in the country while the economy collapses.
  • He’s had a string of tax cheating nominees and appointments to his cabinet.
  • He’s reneged on his commitment to get out of Iraq, taking longer to end ‘combat’ than he promised, and he’ll leave 50,000 troops there after.
  • He campaigned to veto all earmarks and yet is ok with a budget containing thousands.
  • His trillion dollar ‘stimulus’ program does not seem to have impressed anyone, except politicians bringing useless pork-barrel projects to their districts.
  • After just 5 weeks, he plans to balloon the deficit to exceed the total of all deficits during the 8 years of the Bush (II) administration.
  • He is planning to end tax breaks for sizable charitable donations by the wealthy which will really hurt charities AND small businesses.
  • His vice-president has made gaffe after gaffe after gaffe.
  • His vice-president met, just today, in a SECRET meeting with AFL-CIO at their swanky conference in Miami. The Obama administration plans to end privacy for union votes.
  • Instead of trying to inspire a nation, his speeches have been consistently negative, talking of crisis and catastrophe. He pathetically said this week maybe it’s time for people to put money in the stock market. The market plunged right after.
  • He keeps the White House heated like an oven, is doing massive and expensive renovations, yet wants everyone else to conserve.
  • He’s talking about ‘green jobs’, but there’s no energy policy.
  • He still hasn’t filled his cabinet.
  • He has waged a PR war with a radio blow hard (Rush Limbaugh) which is completely irrelevant, and just a distraction.
  • His treasury secretary (Geithner) has no lieutenants and so the senate banking committee got no treasury representative to attend their inquiry into AIG bailout because Geithner was being grilled in the House on another matter.
  • One day the President declared Geithner would speak with details the next day on the banking and other plans, and the next day Geithner gave no details, and weeks later, still has no details or plan.
  • Perhaps this is Obama’s actual plan – to drive the economy into the dirt, so he can then establish some ’emergency powers’ or something, and turn the U.S. into the socialist economy he wants.
  • I do believe he LOATHES small business because everything so far has been aimed AGAINST that. Why? Because small businesses are hard to control. Europe began a war on small business decades ago and killed most of them. European governments prefer big companies with back room ‘deals’ because they can keep an eye on them and control them better.
  • I think it’s fair to say he’s off to a horrible start. Wall St. has ZERO confidence in what they’ve done and what they haven’t done.
  • I believe we are witnessing the END of America and any American dream as we have understood it. Thanks a lot Obama.

If you voted for him, shame on you. Fooled you good.