Obama vs. Clinton on Tuesday

The Texas and Ohio primaries are on Tuesday and if Hillary doesn’t win both, she’s in big trouble and even if she does win both, she needs to win by reasonable margins or the overall delegate race won’t change much. Hard to believe any polls at this time since they’ve been wrong so often and besides, who wants to talk to a pollster at this point? And if I see one more Frank Luntz ‘group’ evaluation on FoxNews I’ll puke since they’ve all been meaningless fluff.

I consider it unlikely Obama will win both states, especially since the governor of Ohio has endorsed Clinton, but if he does, and considering that Bill Clinton has already basically said his wife must win both states, will she gracefully bow out QUICKLY?

I somehow doubt it after strutting around for so long with an arrogant air of ‘inevitability’. And besides the 60 minutes show tonight and the Ellen show, has she done ANY interviews of any substance? I don’t think Obama has either. Strange times.

I think for most people Tuesday can’t come and go soon enough, but this ‘saga’ will be drawn out longer if it isn’t decisive for Obama.

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