Rolling Stone magazine endorses Barack Obama

[amazonify]1400082773:right:product:thehigginswebsit[/amazonify]Rolling Stone Magazine has published a great article endorsing Barack Obama for President. While I don’t agree with everything the article’s author, Jann Wenner, has written, or everything Barack Obama says for that matter, Barack Obama is very compelling, seems to be the real deal, and this article lays it out very nicely.

The article also lays out nicely why Hillary Clinton‘s “skills” and her campaign are so lacking. Despite her, her husband, and surrounding team having just about all the credentials and contacts anyone could dream of, they have almost succeeded in snatching defeat from a certain victory.

The Rolling Stone piece also mentions Barack Obama’s semi-autobiographical book, Dreams from My Father, which I just ordered from

There are strong, and I believe valid, reasons why the U.S. should and should not have gone into Iraq, but frankly that doesn’t matter now – all that matters is what comes next. Whoever becomes the next President will have to deal with a struggling economy, a tense global situation, escalating arms and space races, out of control government spending, and much more. I think the U.S. will be served well by either John McCain or Barack Obama.

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