Samsung Gear Fit 2 / 2 Pro won’t charge

So I got a Gear Fit 2 Pro recently. Love it. Have had a couple of fitbits before which I liked but either had issues syncing or I lost or broke them, and decided I wanted a change, but find all the current smart watches too clunky.

It’s been great but just today I went to charge it on the lousy stand that it comes with it and it would not start charging no matter what I did (well until I found the answer). I’d even begun looking into warranty fix since that seemed the only answer.

But thanks to google and a helpful owner, the fix was online.

Simply put it on the stand and hold the main button down until the Gear reboots. Then magically it could see the stand charger again!

Thanks to this page for the tip.

So now I still love my Samsung Gear Fit 2 Pro!

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