The tragedy of the botched U.S. exit from Afghanistan

President Joe Biden has shown his true incompetent colors with his abrupt exit from Afghanistan. No one wanted the ‘West’ to be there indefinitely (except maybe contractors making a fortune from it), but there were certainly better ways to leave without guaranteeing the death of tens of thousands or more Afghans and others including Americans. And now the U.S. has more troops back in there than before his ‘exit’, yet they’re bound by direction FROM THE TALIBAN. What could possibly go wrong?

Even if somehow Biden manages to get ‘most’ of those who want to leave out, the lives of millions still there who aren’t killed will be a total nigthmare, especially all women. Additionally, foreign aid will dry up, and the economy will collapse. The Taliban will shut down media/internet so the endless rapes, executions, terror and collapse won’t be seen from outside. The President is counting on this. Afghanistan will become a worse place to be than North Korea or Somalia.

President Biden has also signaled to China the perfect opportunity to take over Taiwan once and for all, because they know there’s likely to be no one coming to save Taiwan. And if you think the chip shortage is bad now, wait until China shuts down some or all TSMC exports.

No doubt there will be the usual comments about how this is really Trump’s fault, nice try, but Biden owns this.