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2009 Masters golf tournament

Enjoy the Masters golf tournament leaderboard!

President Obama – off to a bad start. Change you can’t believe in?

Well he’s off to a really bad start.  Here’s just a few ‘highlights’: He’s fighting to restructure healthcare in the country while the economy collapses. He’s had a string of tax cheating nominees and appointments to his cabinet. He’s reneged… Continue Reading →

T. Boone Pickens and pickensplan.com

T. Boone Pickens has made a fortune in oil.  But he’s an American first and at 80, he’s still passionate and dedicated to helping the U.S. reduce its dependence on foreign oil.  The U.S. gets 70% of its oil from… Continue Reading →

Fred Couples, quite a life…

Fred Couples, professional golfer, is someone I have admired for a couple of decades. His golf swing is unmatched in style, so fluid, so upright, elbows higher and more behind him than anyone it seems, and also seemingly effortless. He… Continue Reading →

The joy of sailing (HA!)

A friend mentioned they were going to look at boats. This brought back memories. When i was a kid in England, my Dad got a sail boat (or yacht as the English say for anything with a sail) – I… Continue Reading →

Bill Gates on two big problems, malaria, and the need for more great teachers

This is an excellent, relevant, and at times humorous speech, by Bill Gates on two MAJOR problems facing the world and the U.S. and what he’s trying to do about them.

Passionate About Pizza book

A good friend of mine, Curtis Ide, is passionate about pizza! Specifically, making great pizza at home. He’s so passionate in fact that he’s written a book about it with all the details, great pictures, and of course, lots of… Continue Reading →

Remembering January 28th, 1986

This day contained 2 things burned in my memory. Like many who love NASA and all it has accomplished, I was horrified to learn the Challenger space shuttle blew up a couple of minutes after launch as it rocketed into… Continue Reading →

Thank you, President George W. Bush

I watched all of your final press conference, your interview with Brit Hume, your interview with Sean Hannity, and while I didn’t agree with everything you did while President, particularly letting government spending spiral out of control and not vetoing… Continue Reading →

Meet Elliott (Blackberry Storm video put on youtube)

So I got a Blackberry Storm recently (love it, although there’s quite a learning curve!). Anyway, it can capture video, which is pretty cool.  So I grabbed a few tiny videos and wanted to see if I could transfer, edit,… Continue Reading →

Browser differences can drive a web developer mad

As a web developer, one important task is testing web pages with multiple different browsers and even different versions of the same browser.  This could drive a person insane, but I’d like to share a couple of discoveries. Trying to… Continue Reading →

Stop Vista rebooting automatically!

Ever sit down to your computer which had some stuff running only to find you’re at the login screen (and not just the screensaver password prompt screen)?  Did you lose some work?  I have! No easy option to change this,… Continue Reading →

Election results

So my predictions weren’t too bad. Presidency: Obama by 188 electoral votes! (vs. 100) Senate: Dems gain 5 or 6? (vs. 6) House: Dems gain 18-25 (vs. 25) Now let’s hope Obama truly leads and doesn’t cave to Reid and… Continue Reading →

Well it’s election day

I voted.  And I’ve deliberately kept the TV off any channel likely to be analyzing the election or announing results.  It’s not been easy (I watched other, pre-recorded stuff, or did some work).  I will catch the result in the… Continue Reading →

The debates, something like this?

9/11 – 7 years later

9/11/01 showed the world the worst and the best in humanity. RIP to the victims and heroes who didn’t survive. Thank you to everyone who has worked to heal the physical and mental scars, and to get those who share… Continue Reading →

Life on a little horse farm

So this morning I was going to help my wife power wash her horse barn. She’d emptied the 3 stalls, and I showed her how to use the backpack blower to blow out the dust/hay first. So far so good…. Continue Reading →

WALL-E is amazing

I just saw the new Disney/Pixar movie WALL-E and I was blown away.  I think critics of this movie may have been expecting a comedy, perhaps a Toy Story with robots, but it’s nothing of the kind.  It certainly has… Continue Reading →

Bjorn Lomborg’s important new book “Cool It”

[amazonify]030738652X:right:product[/amazonify]I recently saw Bjorn Lomborg interviewed about ‘global warming’ and his views on what we should do seemed about the most practical and effective imaginable.  Instead of the shrill, slick, non-scientific, and dishonest ‘marketing’ by people like Al Gore, Lomborg… Continue Reading →

Hillary Clinton campaign fails

Despite all the great minds involved in the campaign such as James Carville, Terry McAuliffe, Harold Ickes, and both Clintons (see the rest here), their Achilles heel did them in. And what was that? Arrogance! Their original plan appears to… Continue Reading →

U.S. department of energy – your tax dollars at work

With all this talk of oil and energy, I decided to look at the Department of Energy web site to see what it claims to be doing. Loads of good sounding info, but I decided to go to the budget,… Continue Reading →

Great Canon 40D shots without computer processing

OK – call me lazy. Tell me I’m not getting the full benefit of my Canon 40D digital SLR camera. Yes I know about RAW files, curves, unsharpening, HDR, etc. But sometimes, well, most of the time, I just want… Continue Reading →

U.S. gas prices – thank you environmentalists

Sooner or later I guess this topic was going to get mentioned here. U.S. gas prices have doubled and more in the past couple of years.  It must be hurting millions of people directly (getting to and from work or… Continue Reading →

U.S. Presidential race – make it stop!

I no longer care whether Barack Obama, Hillary Clinton, or John McCain wins the November election.  I don’t think any of them is really inspiring or going to make much of a difference in this global economy.  And if more… Continue Reading →

The last lecture

Professor Randy Pausch is dying and he knows it, of liver cancer.  But this inspiring wonderful man decided to inspire his students with his final lecture, telling them what’s really important in life. You can see his last lecture here:… Continue Reading →

Really good article on aperture effect on landscape shots

I thought this article was very interesting and although my DSLR (40D) isn’t full frame, I still think I can apply some of what it shows… (in a nutshell, don’t use f/4 for landscapes!): http://www.gdanmitchell.com/2007/04/12/sharpness-and-aperture-selection-on-full-frame-dslrs

Resisting entropy

I learned a few years ago the best way to get the house cleaned up is to invite people over. So a friend came by this morning and I felt pretty good – I’d tidied my office (although some was… Continue Reading →

Amazing Logitech MX revolution mouse

[amazonify]B000HCT12O:right:product[/amazonify]An old Logitech mouse I had broke recently so I began looking for a new mouse. Since I spend a LOT of time at this computer, I need something that’s comfortable, and very functional. I’ve come to rely on middle… Continue Reading →

New Canon XSi (450D) – great camera!

[amazonify]B0012YA85A:right[/amazonify] Canon’s ‘digital rebel’ line is about to evolve once more with the new Canon XSi (or 450D as it is known in some parts of the world). Just as the XTi leapfrogged in some ways the semi-pro 20D/30D with… Continue Reading →

starlite pool enclosure lighting

We have a pool and I’ve put some landscaping lights around the outside of the screened enclosure, but some more ‘ambient’ light would be nice. Came across a very interesting product recently called Starlite 7 from Starlite Lighting Systems. It… Continue Reading →

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